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City of Crane Secretary

115 w. 8th Street
Crane, Tx 79731

Phone: (432) 558-3563
Fax: (432) 558-1011

Latrina Little
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City Secretary Mission Statement

The City Secretary's Duties

Records, maintains and preserves the history of our city government.

Oversees the business office.

Prepares and provides the City Council information, including agenda packets, Minutes, Ordinances, Resolutions, Agreements and Contracts.

Posts all Meeting Notices in accordance with State Law.

Keeps the Minutes of all meetings of the City Council.

Acts as custodian of all official records of the City Council.

Maintains the Records Management Program for the City.

Processes open records requests.

Administers all City of Crane Elections.

Ensures that city-related legislation is followed.

Mission of the City Secretary’s Office

To make customer service a top priority.

To support, facilitate and strengthen the City of Crane's governmental process.

Improve public access to municipal records and other information.

Serve as Historian for the City of Crane.

Protecting and preserving official City records.

History of the City Secretary

The City Secretary is one of the oldest public servant roles in local government.

The role which has had many different titles, existed in Biblical times as the "Keeper of the Archives", and before writing came into use, as "Remembrancer" because of their memory served as the public record.

In ancient Greece, each meeting of the governing body began with the City Secretary reading aloud the documents to be considered, and pronouncing a curse on anyone who would seek to deceive the people.

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